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Dream Visits

It's like 1:30 in the morning but I just *had* to write a quick post. Not last weekend, but the weekend before my 7 year old son attended a family funeral with me.  (So did my 3 year old daughter and my mother, but their presence has no bearing on this story.) While attending the service, there were many First Nations rituals observed, including drumming and singing, "Inviting the Ancestors," the wearing of ceremonial blankets, etc. My son was fascinated by these markers of culture and asked many questions. He wanted to speak with an Elder who was in attendance about how to speak with the ancestors, and kneeled at the feet of a couple (a male and a female Elder) who had been part of the drumming circle while they explained some teachings about the Ancestors.

I was so proud of him.

He asked me if, by drumming and calling the Ancestors at the service, we might be able to communicate with Pa. I told him it should be possible, and that while he would not experience Pa's presence the way the presence of the ancestors was shown in a movie we had watched a night or two before (Kubo and the Two Strings -- totally worth watching, btw), our people can literally speak with the ancestors. It is a power of our people. I told him that if, in his heart, he invited Pa to come visit him, to come speak with him, then he may receive the gift of a dream where Pa will come to talk with him while he is sleeping.

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😲 I just made my first sale on my shopify store!! 🎉 👏🏽 🙏🏽

My mother seems to have figured out that one of the benefits of having me in the house is that she can text me recipes and send me to the grocery store to get ingredients and I'll make them.

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Dear god! It's 24• C at 1AM!

No word of a lie: twenty-four degrees Celsius at one in the morning, when the sun is pointed somewhere else entirely on the planet.

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I'll be headed to bed soon

Well, in all honesty, I'm already *in* bed, but I'll be doing that sleep 😴 thing very soon, and that's the point.

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I just fell asleep 💤

I was getting in some work on my Viking school prep when my body decided quarter-to-one AM was plenty late enough and I actually fell asleep in my computer chair while watching a (very amusing) video by Don't Fear the Internet. So now I'm in bed. Don't worry: falling asleep again will not be difficult.

Feeling pretty good: got everything on my To-Do list for Tuesday scratched off except for the laundry. Even added a bonus task: apply for a cool job I only found out about today but that stops accepting applications at 4 this afternoon. Did I mention I found out about this job at about 2:30pm? But application has been accepted. Hooray!

Woah. I just fell asleep again. Hitting the hay now!

For Realz?

I'm not sure why, but I'm still crazy jazzed to be acknowledged into my LiveJournal account.

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It's 1AM, Blair & I just finished watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones (missed it Sunday night), and I was lying in bed thinking, "Can I post to my LJ from my phone?"

Clearly the answer is "Yes!"

This should make remembering and recording my dreams easier! So PSYCHED to be back on LJ!


Would you believe it has been SEVEN YEARS since I logged in to LiveJournal? After some brain wracking (and failing to dredge up the correct information and getting myself locked out for an hour) I finally turned to my husband to ask if *he* remembered any of my old passwords.  Lo and behold, here I am, typing away in ye olde boxe again... well, not really.  New entry editor is sleek!

But seriously, so excited to be back on LJ! I've literally been searching all over for a "blog platform" that is free and will allow me to write my entries, and keep things private if I want to. I had no idea LiveJournal was still out there!

Baby Do

LittleJohn is suddenly very interested in the world around him today! This morning he started reaching out to touch the cats & dog (in the last few days he has been rapt in watching them, but done no touching), whipping his head around to see who's talking, leaning far back to look around... These are all new behaviours that literally just manifested today! His daddy says it's like he just woke up with the ability to externalise this morning, out of the blue. I guess there have been signs that he was on the way: discovering his feet, playing with his blanket and the Tare Panda rattle, watching the tv from across the room. But this morning he woke up resolved to do more than watch! Today, he decided to participate!

It's so exciting to watch him grow like this!

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